Remedies to stress

how to fight stressToday saying “i feel stressed” has become trendy especially for young people that use the word “stress” anytime they are subject of any kind of pressure in their daily life.
But what does the word “stress” really mean?
The word “stress” indicates a psychological and physical pressure caused from events of our daily life that are external to our organism.
At the time of greatest worry and pressure, these factors submit our physique and our mind to a real effort that causes a reaction of anxiety and fear in the human being called “stress”.

The potential of accumulation produced by the electromagnetic fields when we are isolated from the Earth, destabilize in substantial way our chemistry.
When we are isolated from the Earth we accumulate strong potentials that causes: attention loss, sleepiness, physical and psychological discomfort and stress.

TERRA the mattress cover in carbon stabilizes putting to potential zero your bed. Sleeping on it, is the right way to regenerate sleeping.
The stress caused by electromagnetic fields strongly weakens giving to every awakening that clean feeling of comfort.