Back pain treatments

remedies for back pain

Back pain affects approximately 15 million Italians.  Hernias, swelling of the discs of the spinal columns which can be more or less serious, are the major cause that effects the quality of our lives  even at younger ages.

The compression of our spinal column is caused by gravity, being overweight, and  by stressful work conditions, these could all be at the base of this problem.  However nature has already foreseen this issue.  Our nightly rest in a horizontal position allows our vital fluids such as our blood to recuperate the volume lost  resulting from  the  compression on our spinal discs caused by standing erect , in this our heart acts as a hydraulic pump that irrigates the inter vertebra cartilage  with vital and regenerating substances.

Modern man has however arbitrarily placed into his lifestyle isolating substances such as rubber, plastic and its various derivatives.   These substances isolate and prevents an electrical contact with our planet.  Isolated from the ground, and surrounded by an ever present  number of electrical fields,  a large electrical potential accumulates, that linger on even during our sleep, contracting our muscles denying them the necessary recovery they should get with sleep, which is a result in the constant degradation of our spinal discs.  Sleeping on la bed that is stabilized with TERRA means going back to the primordial rest that is capable to regenerate or bodies.

TERRA eliminates in a simple and natural way, the degenerative cause of a large part of pain to the spinal column .

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