Cervical Arthritis

cervical arthritisRecent statistics have showed a substantial increase in cases of cervical arthritis,  a pathology that effects the upper part of the spinal column.  And aside from  the increase in number of people effected, it seems to have encompassed a wider range of ages, effecting an always younger group of individuals.

Cervical arthritis as in  other pathologies related to the supporting structure of our body are particularly common in our modern western civilization particularly in the more technologically advanced nations.
Use of isolating materials such as plastics and  rubber, that we use in the composition of a variety of goods and accessories that we surround ourselves with, isolate us electrically from the earth. As we are  Isolated and continuously immersed in electromagnetic fields, we are exposed to  continuous charges that accumulate,  linger and remain stationary within our system.
Besides alternating and destabilizing our chemical balance, these electrical charges involuntarily , induce our muscular system  to tractions that in turn subject or skeletal structure to continuous and significant compressions.  Arthritis, scoliosis, errors in posture, are some of the negative effects that we have when we are not grounded.

TERRA’s innovative mattress cover made according to the PROTECT protocol, once mounted on the bed,  stabilizes it rendering the whole structure bio-electrically compatible with the human organism.  Its use neutralizes the accumulation potentials generated by electromagnetic fields.

It immediately discharges the muscles, allowing natural regeneration during sleep.

After a few weeks,  magically  your articulations will be strongly decongested eliminating at the root the cause of the pathology.