Mattress cover

mattress coverThe mattress cover Terra is the first application of the innovative PROTECT protocol which uses CARBON technology. It is the only mattress cover manufactured with advanced fabric composed of an exclusive mix of cotton, fibre for mechanical support and carbon thread. A special spiral of carbon 124K is interwoven in the whole mattress cover to convey the electric conductivity in predetermined points.

Electromagnetic fields that are unavoidable in our home in our time, upset the electro-chemical balance of our organism and stress the muscular bands of the body so that they are contracted and we are led to sleep in a very harmful position. This is the reason why we often wake up with muscle spasms and back ache.

The mattress cover TERRA offers a simple and successful solution to this kind of problem. The innovative fabric it’s made of eliminates stressing charge accumulation, so that the bioelectrical balance of our organism is re-established. Free from any stressing factor, our body can recover a relaxed posture, the same it would have if we were sleeping on the ground or on a comfortable beach or a lawn.

Thanks to the mattress cover TERRA you will sleep in your comfortable bed, knowing that you are maintaining the constant potential of the planet.