Remedies for back pain

Remedies for back painSleeping on the wrong support can produce very harmful effects on health because it causes a wrong posture during the sleep, and this leads to back and muscular pain during the day. Many remedies have been proposed by manufacturers, but none of them considered the harmful effect of isolating substances such as rubber, plastic and its various derivatives, that are often used to produce beds and mattresses.

As these substances isolate our body, they prevent the electrical contact with our planet, especially with earth. While we are isolated from the ground, we are, nevertheless, surrounded by unavoidable, electrical fields, and so a large electrical potential accumulates in our organism. This lingers on even during our sleep, and our muscles involuntarily contract and are deprived of the necessary recovery they should get with sleep, resulting in the constant degradation of our spinal discs.

TERRA is the most advanced remedy for back pain. The high-tech fabric it is made of is based on a special weave of cotton, fibre for mechanical support and carbon thread. This special fabric allows electrical charges to gather in precise points of collection and this produces the right earthing effect that is a natural remedy for any kind of muscular and back pain.

Sleeping on a bed that is stabilized with TERRA means going back to the original way of resting that was capable of regenerating our bodies.

is the simplest and most natural remedy for back pain, because it removes the largest part of the degenerative causes of pain in the spinal column.