Muscle Aches

muscle achesMuscles are indispensable for our  organism to  survive.  The role that they play in our body, is indispensable, just think of the heart as a muscle, and the fact that breathing is a consequence of muscular contractions. 

To have a muscular system that functions correctly it is necessary to have good rest.  Rest is essential to have muscles that are efficient and ready to react.  Resting on a bed that is electrically isolated from the ground is the equivalent to  sleeping with thousands of potential volts accumulated in our system. 

The logical ad obvious consequence  of this, is that during our sleep, these potential parasites , keep our muscles  in  a state of continuous tension, denying them  of the necessary rest they require.  Pain and contractions accompany  our awaking in most cases.  Our muscles are not capable of eliminating all the toxins that are accumulated during the day resulting in evident  functional stress.

Sleeping on TERRA means sleeping in total absence of electrical potential.  Muscles can finally rest and regenerate correctly and naturally.  Sleeping on TERRA is like sleeping on the ground, or on a lawn, just the same as all other living creatures that inhabit our planet.