Cures for back pain relief

cures for back pain reliefBack pain is an everyday problem for approximately 20% of people. Some causes for back pain can be traced in common habits such as bad posture while studying or working with PCs, or problems such as overweight and heavy work.

Nature has given us a simple cure to get relief from back pain: when we lay in horizontal position our blood can recover the volume lost because of the compression of the spinal discs caused by gravity. For this reason, choosing a good mattress is the first and most important cure for back pain: as we spend many hours in bed we need a mattress that properly supports the body and gives relief to our back.

But modern manufacturing habits have introduced into our lifestyle isolating substances such as rubber, plastic and its various derivatives. Sleeping on isolated beds makes us wake up like we were in battle all night instead of feeling rested, because of the electric accumulation in our organism. The market offers us sophisticated supports and cures but their effectiveness is limited, if not equal to zero.

Sometimes we frequently wake up during the night and our back gets no relief from resting but we have pain and discomfort in our back, because of the compression of the spinal cord and strong and persistent muscular contractions.

TERRA is the most secure and natural cure to give relief to back pain because it eliminates charges accumulation in the organism and allows the muscular bands to relax, so that we get the most of our rest.