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Terra: The first stabilized mattress cover

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The first application of the PROTECT protocol was implemented on a product called TERRA.   The first and only mattress cover made using advanced carbon technology.  The fabric with which TERRA is made, is composed of cotton, fiber for mechanical support and carbon thread.  The mattress cover is contoured by a spiral of carbon 124K that gathers the whole assembly and funnels the electric conductivity in precise points of collection.  Sleeping on TERRA, simulates perfectly the natural stabilizing effect that one would get sleeping naked on the ground, a beach or a lawn.                      

Quick and frequent awakenings are usually accompanied by pain and muscle spasms, our back aches because of the compression of the spinal cord and strong and persistent muscular contractions.  Sleeping isolated lets us wake up like we were in battle all night instead of feeling rested.  Little or no use are the various supports that are more or less sophisticated that the market offers us.

TERRA resolves all problems in a simple way, efficient, secure and natural.  It eliminates charge accumulation which is an essential requirement to wake up naturally regenerated.                                                                                                                         

The PROTECT protocol applied to TERRA, reestablishes bioelectrical balance, The dangerous electrical charges that accumulate in our body slide away and nullify themselves in real time toward the ground. It also naturally stabilizes the entire cellular structure that composes us which makes us more resistant to electromagnetic fields that tend to hold us down.  The only alternative to TERRA is to sleep on the ground! Without letting structures or isolating material isolate us from the planet.


With TERRA you sleep in your comfortable bed knowing that you are maintaining the constant potential of the planet.

                  Visit the new site:  dormoaterra.it

Terra: Principle of operation


                                Visit the new site: dormoaterra.it

Living organisms that inhabit the earth, are prevalently composed of water. Electrically, water is a conductor and it reacts that way when electricity passes through it, whether it is of magnetic, static or electromagnetic origin.  The organisms present on the planet are not bothered by these fields, gravity guarantees all and inevitable electrical contact with the earth, that represses its reference potential, maintaining electrical stabilization.

In this past century man has manipulated substances and chemical structures and synthesized products with characteristics that contrasts everything that surrounds him.  First with rubber and then with plastic, and in less than a century these materials have filled all areas of our everyday life.  Perfectly isolating us from electric energy like no other substance in nature, and alien to our world, little by little, we never realized that  the large part of the natural materials that we have always used have been substituted.

Untouched by time and resistant to structural decay, their versatility is practically unlimited, permitting a rapid realization of forms and structures that up to yesterday were not realizable.  The simple manipulation and low costs of manufacturing, with the inalterability of the large majority of the substances, have made possible that industry at mind spinning velocity, without any regulation, are filling our planet with these new substances that do not well adapt to our present cellular structure.

Anything beyond “0” biodegradability  heavily impacts  our eco system, the large part of damage is a result of the highly isolating characteristics of these materials.  All too often these materials isolate our organism from the only irreplaceable stabilizer, the Earth!  Autos, bicycles, asphalt, syntactic pavements, shoes, chairs, sofas, beds and everything involving the use of these isolating substances and composition that do not take into consideration our sophisticated electrochemical nature.

All this isolates us electrically form the planet.  This determines a gradual and constant decline in our mental and  physical wellbeing.  The sleep that should give us a regenerating effect on our organism, regardless of our comfortable beds, has completely lost its primary function.  Sleeping isolated in our bed directly effects our muscular structure and as a consequence our bone structure.

Our immune defenses are lowered because of muscular stress potentially caused by parasites.. Also electromagnetic fields are always present when we are isolated from the earth, which with their same frequency, cell by cell, destabilize our delicate electromagnetic balance. 

The PROTECT protocol is applied for the first time on a mattress cover TERRA,  allows our bed to return to its primary and natural primitive function as a natural conductor,  maintaining whomsoever rests on it at the same potential as the earth.  The electrical charges that tend to accumulate in the organism that are isolated, become attracted to the low potential of TERRA,  quickly releasing the charge towards it and neutralizing and freeing and the organism maintaining it electrically stabilized during sleep.

                   Visit the new site: dormoaterra.it

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