How to fight stress

How to fight stressHow to fight stress? This is a recurring question as modern life is demanding and we must always be in good form.

Being stressed can be the cause of physical and psychological illness and can have very negative effects on our daily activities. Stress causes may be very different ranging from work to problems at home, school and difficult relationships with our friends, our family and colleagues. The real problems occur when stressing factors go on for too long: this generates chronic stress that severely damages our bodies.

Maybe, you have never considered the stressing factor represented by the potential of accumulation produced by electromagnetic fields. When we are isolated from earth, electromagnetic charges accumulate in our organism destabilizing the chemical balance of our body in a substantial way.

The stress caused by electromagnetic accumulation strongly weakens us, making us ask how we can fight the stress produced by this phenomenon. TERRA is the innovative mattress cover in carbon that stabilizes your bed putting it to potential zero.

If you feel stressed and you have never been able to understand the cause of your feeling “bad”, just consider how destabilizing the loss of electro-chemical balance can be for the organism.

Today, Terra is the answer to the question “How can I fight stress?” Sleeping on it, is the right way to regenerate our body while sleeping.