Physical tiredness

fight physical tirednessNightly sleep is a common factor for the majority of biological organisms, and is an essential for life on our planet.

Sleeping correctly, and receiving the beneficial and regenerating effects of sleep, is a determining and  indispensable factor for our bodies  to be a revitalized. Nightly rest therefore assumes  a necessary  role in our mental and physical balance.

Sleeping in an improper way causes, in the majority of cases, the physical tiredness that accompanies us throughout the day. Physical tiredness and the impaired ability to concentrate correctly are often the result of poor sleep.

PROTECT is an industry protocol, that has its main objective in protecting man from the dangerous effects that electromagnetic fields cause.

The application of this innovational idea to the bed, where we spend one third of our time, gives our bodies the chance to rest in the primordial conditions  set forth by our creator. The muscles that are freed from potential electrical charges that are generated by electrical fields,  are allowed to relax and liberate those constrictions that otherwise our bone structure is subjected to.

Terra makes your bed bio-electrically compatible,  allowing you deep and full rests that are regenerating in effect, and when your body is fully rested it is optimized naturally in its immune system.