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Electromagnetic fields


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When we are in our homes we have that special sense of protection and tranquility that surrounds us.  The awareness of being in a friendly atmosphere, where we have everything or almost everything under control, relaxes and tranquilizes us. The need for protection  and to keep perils away from ourselves and our family has deep primitive origins that are common to many animal species.

When we first began to colonize the planet, our species had to deal with thousands of perils that continuously put our survival in danger.  With experience we soon began to recognize the various dangers.  Dangers that we recognized as such  when  direct and immediate damage was done.  As all other living creatures this evolutionary mechanism, in some way permitted us to survive those difficult conditions.  Thousands of years later, and deeply rooted in our genes, this ability continues to allow us to perceive dangers only if our senses identify it as an immediate threat.  The civilization that we live in today has slowly eliminated the natural threats of the past, wild animals, suffering from hot and cold and exposure to the environment from which a sense to defend oneself was immediately perceived because they would do immediate damage or create difficulties.

Modern man as held the primitive characteristics that allows one to sense danger as such only if it manifests itself an immediate threat.  This characteristic is not well suited with mans rapid evolution, frequently exposing man to grave risks. Infact today’s humans are faced with other dangers, enemies with different characteristics than go  beyond the traditional definition of peril normally perceived by us, usually invisible to our senses,  but with latent an subtle effects, which is the reason they are not adverted as real and immediate threat.  Perils that are mainly within our domestic walls, where we feel secure and protected, in that very environment where we feel relaxed, we put down our guard,  and there in our domestic quarters, produced by our everyday activities, are hiding subtle new generation perils.
Electric fields are generated by a difference in charge, these differences tend to polarize a biological organism only if isolated  from the ground.  The electric field is independent from energy use, even if we turn off the utilities the field is always present.

Electromagnetic fields are instead  generated by the passage of alternated or variable current in a circuit, their intensity is directly proportionate to energy use.  These fields transfer their intensity to biological organisms in the form of heat.
When we connect an appliance to an outlet, whether it be a television, refrigerator or light bulb we use electric energy, this creates a passage of electricity within the appliance and consequently generates an electromagnetic field abbreviated EMF
The higher the consumption of energy, the higher the intensity of the EMF.  While the electricity that circulates within an appliance is confined within its circuits,  the EMFs instead invade the surrounding area. EMFs are invisible and tend to unload energy in conductive structures capable of absorbing them, that are at the same frequency level.  The EMFs of low frequency that are generated by the alternated current that we use domestically, are considered dangerous as they invest and pass through our body, this is why they are considered most dangerous for humans.  EMFs of high frequency are usually generated by transmission antennas, and when they invest our body’s it is done superficially, it’s called the “Film Effect”.  However in either case the effect is destabilizing, and to this day, the scientific community’s opinion  on their danger is still topic of heavy debate.
When a non grounded cellular organism is near to EMF, the entire organism tends to oscillate at the same frequency.  In this way there is a transfer of energy from the source to the organism which is electrically polarized and potentiated by thousands of volts that subject our bodies to oscillation and makes our cells dangerously destabilized, contrary to natural genetic standards.  The chemistry that composes us is also altered, influencing heavily on our muscular structure , our bones, our humor and our capacity to concentrate, even our emotional state is altered.

Terminal Service of Naples,a research and development laboratory, researched the effects of EMF exposure. Results are immediately evident and appear diametrically opposed to the experiments carried out so far on CEM. It's very important, for measurements, that the body had the same electric potential of the PLANET! Results of the interaction between the organism and EMF are very different, depending on whether the organism is isolated from the Earth or is it electrically connected. If a body completely electrically isolated from the land is located near to EMF, the entire cellular structure tends to oscillate at its own frequency. In this way there is an energy transfer from the source to organism. Polarized cells, forced to oscillate against any genetic marker, are dangerously destabilized.
Our chemical structure is altered and there are effects also on bone and muscle structure; our mood, concentration, the same emotional state is altered.

Isolated from the earth and projected at a velocity non considered by nature on board our vehicles, the potential of charge easily brings our organism to a 100,000 volts  potential.  Loss of attention, drowsiness, low capacity of reflexes, and  altered emotional state, heavily compromises our safety when in movement.
The protocol PROTECT wants to become a necessary application to protect man from the same pollution he produces.

Around the world, since latter part of this century, scientists and researchers study the effects of EMFs on humans.
The strong increase in the use of electricity and the prolificacy of transmitting antennas, make that the EMF exposure increase exponentially.
The international scientific community is polarized between those who ascribe to EMF most serious illnesses afflicting technological man, and those that minimize the effects or at least accept them as a price to pay for the myriad benefits that progress It brings.

Where's the truth?
For many it is obvious! EMFs alter cell structures until they stop or alter the ligaments of the DNA in them contained.
For others it is simply a secondary, or hardly quantifiable, effect on man.

I work since several decades in broadcast radio field, in my workshops I view,I measure notorious EMF. Accumulation potential, electric and electromagnetic fields, In the last few years have been at the center of my studies and research, until I reached important conclusions.

Why detailed studies conducted by various universities agree on the objective dangers of EMFs?

And why similar studies belittle or make a 'minor importance to these effects?

Is clear that on our planet  electromagnetic fields have always existed! Volcanic activities are a source of immense electromagnetic  energy. Lightnings, when they fall to the ground, develop electromagnetic waves capable of reaching depths of kilometers.

Earth is a great magnet and becomes the common denominator of all magnetic and electromagnetic effects on it developed.

to make me understand, I like to compare this science to hydraulics.
While in the electric or magnetic field, effects are measurable but not visible, in hydraulic all is visible and touchable, so easily perceptible.

If we compare an electromagnetic wave to the wave developed from a stone (A) that falls into a container full of water (pic 1), we can imagine what happens when an EMF invests a cell. If we let float freely a ping-pong ball(B) in the container, we immediately see that the wave produced by the stone swings the ball at its own frequency imparting a force f.

                                                         figura 1

Imagine now that the wave in container is an electromagnetic wave caused by the passage of alternating current in an electrical cable, Fig.2

                                                        figura 2

In the electric cable (F) passes a current (I) that causes an electromagnetic wave (EMF) just like the pebble causes a wave in the container Fig.1.
The only difference is that the wave caused by the passage of alternating or varying current, radiates into the air, filling the surrounding space.
Anything that involves, if "free" (in our case a body cell), tends to oscillate electron by electron, cell by cell, at the same frequency imparting a force f.

then we can imagine, if we invest a "free" cell with an electromagnetic wave, we force her to swing (like the ball of Figure 1) causing damage to the mechanical nature of its content. Her DNA ligaments  in fact, may be damaged by a simple mechanical stress.
DNA consists of the instructions contained in every cell, in fact, is the pattern of what the single cell must be built.

Without this mapping, the cell is out of control and probably become a danger to the whole organism.

Both in pic.1 pic.2, I used the word "free" because this word is crucial to understand my theory.
Figure 3 shows the same example of Fig.1 with the exception that we tied a thread at the pingpong ball that holds it anchored to the bottom.

                                                               figura 3

 Now the wave caused by the pebble will no let longer swing the ball.
In fact, the force f on the ball is downloaded to the bottom of the tank through the wire.
so we have stabilized the ball; the wave caused by the pebble is unable to give any oscillation.
With this trick we gave to the ball a mass unrealistically large characteristics.

The same thing happens if you stabilize a body cell.
When an organism rests on the ground (not isolated), its electrical mass becomes implausibly large. Its inertia has a value as high as to become indifferent to the effects of EMFs. Just the electrical contact with the planet let drain that energy that otherwise would swing.

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