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The reference potential of our planet

About 4 billion years ago was created on Earth that rare condition in which substances and electrochemical impulses, magically combined, forever changed planet's appearance.

That dense primordial soup, full of gas and electromagnetic radiation, gave start to that extraordinary trigger that would have allowed the development of life. Gradually, those organisms more complex, drew strenght  from those substances otherwise lethal for any other alien organism. Their specialization reached such levels that began to organize complex organic structures in which chemistry and electricity were in balance. Then they obtained from the same system that generated them, the necessary stabilization to resist the strong electromagnetic radiation in which they were immersed. "The Cell", single brick, following chemical mapping, it gave birth to a multitude of organisms from simple one to more complex one, all with features closely related to their electrochemical nature. These biological mechanisms exist through electrical impulses and chemical reactions, which continuously alternated thus triggering the biological life.

All creatures needed to be stabilized and shielded. A protection able to protect all the organisms from an environment full of magnetic and electromagnetic fields, and from their same energetic emissions generated from the continuous electrical activity.

Nature, for this purpose, used the same planet that hosted them: the force of gravity that subjected all, would have guaranteed the host organisms, a continuous electrical contact with the Earth, which became the the common denominator of all electrical manifestations.

The reference potential of the Planet (frequency and voltage) gave to everyone that essential protection and stabilization.

Inexplicably our civilization lost from its view this elementary aspect: all the organisms, from vegetables to animals, all suffer an electrical contact with the Earth. Only the man, today, reduces its contact with the Planet.

We succeeded, in all moments of our life, in insulation from the Earth. Using synthetic products like rubber, plastic, we began the production of all the accessories that we assiduously use.

Linoleum, rubber, flooring, asphalts, chairs, sofas, cars, beds, shoes  and other, insulate us from the Earth, denying that protection which his sophisticate organism needs.

Dramatically our Western civilization in its constant acceleration has completely lost this aspect, which if properly considered, it would eliminate all problems due to lack of electrical references.

PROTECT: Shaped as a resistant little man whit an umbrella, want to be a protocol of industrial application, able to do bioelectrically compatible those products and accessories that the man use daily.

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